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Overall "Lavender" (ears)
Overall "Lavender" (ears)
Product Code: 1119132W230 Misha ComBEARzon

Overall "Lavender" (ears)

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Women's winter overall  with ears. Mountain lavender, mountain party. Overall for the resort of the Laptev Sea.

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  • 3000/3000 wind resistant, waterproof, stress resistant membrane
  • lighter than your strings, warmer than the arms of Prokhorov - flytex heat insulation 150 g / m2 
  • white fur of an imperial albino raccoon 
  • pocket for ski-pass, passports and bridal veil 
  • suspenders 
  • ventilated armpits 
  • cuffs on sleeves and amazing pants. Our ski clothing won’t let you  freeze either on the slope or under the slope.
  • On Gina is  size S 162-172

Gina’s height 173 cm

Chest volume - 89 cm

Hips volume - 89 cm

If your height is 171 cm and higher, choose a height of overall 172-182, it will be more comfortable for you.

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