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Non-medical mask Magic Mushrooms
Non-medical mask Magic Mushrooms
Product Code: 1321543U478 Misha ComBEARzon

Non-medical mask Magic Mushrooms

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Magic protection. Conspiracy theorists, rejoice!
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390 RUB
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Non-medical mask. Two-layer: outer layer - 100% polyester, inner layer - 100% cotton. This combination of materials does not allow passers-by to get bored and does not irritate the wearer's skin.

Protects from dust, smoke, odors, bacteria. The mask is a barrier protection against the virus, but does not guarantee 100% protection against infection, hangover, pregnancy.

An exclusive bright print from Misha Combearzon serves as an additional amulet against the urge to yell at your roommate (when worn at home).

Size: 220x130x70 mm.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

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