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Heating pad
Heating pad
Heating pad
Heating pad
Product Code: 1321543U485 Misha ComBEARzon
Self-warmer in the world of heating pads. Self-heating pad is a reusable salt heating pad.
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390 RUB
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It is enough to press on the applicator inside to start a chemical reaction, now the heating pad is ready for use. When the heating pad cools down, put it in boiling water for a couple of minutes and when the heating pad becomes transparent, it is ready for use again.

If you need a hot water bottle cold, without activating it, just put it in the freezer. You can take a heated self-heating pad with you for a walk in mittens, under a hat, or on your nose. And chilled - remove bags under the eyes, chill champagne or a bruise, if someone fell stunned by your beauty in the comberzone.

The outer high-strength plastic can withstand extreme temperatures and repeated use.

The cute bear print and safety will make the heating pad pleasant for children to use.

Attention! During delivery, the self-heating pad may spontaneously crystallize from cold or shock. Just boil it and it's ready to use.

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