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5 reasons to buy Misha Combearzon

5 reasons to buy Misha Combearzon

  1. You can jump into our overall in 5 seconds only wearing your pajamas or even without it! 
  2. Get ready faster than the store closes, than the dog or the already dressed child pees, before child or husband will start to shout! 
  3. Combearzon will emphasize all your advantages, and will find all your disadvantages and neutralize them and will also turn them into advantages. 
  4. The US Department of Defense is trying to buy the secret technology of our overalls from the membrane and apply it to the soldier's uniform: after all, it is not hot in it when it’s warm weather and not cold in the most severe frost! Overalls are not blown by the wind, do not get wet from snow, water, wine or tears of happiness.
  5. We are gentle with our customers, we love them, we answer quickly on all questions using smiles and hearts. After which we try to perfectly match the size and make delivery fast and comfortable!

Misha Combearzon version 5.0 is an alloy of the latest developments, high-tech materials, heavy-duty fittings. The entire 2019 collection is sewn from a membrane fabric of 3000 mm / 3000 g / m², inside is the best of the existing fillers – Flytex, with a breathable lining and advanced patterns to be fully armed for your comfort and frost resistance. 

Well, how much longer can you chat ?! You are not you when you are cold! Do not slow down! Combearzon is waiting for you.

Sale 50 %
The Last!
Overal "Nevi Ice"
Overal "Nevi Ice" 19,000.00RUB 9,500.00RUB
Sale 50 %
Sweatshirt Pussyauto
Sweatshirt Pussyauto 2,000.00RUB 1,000.00RUB
Sale 50 %
Sweatshirt Pussybird
Sweatshirt Pussybird 2,000.00RUB 1,000.00RUB
Sale 24 %
Women’s jumpsuit A Clockwork orange
Women’s jumpsuit A Clockwork orange 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
Women’s jumpsuit BLACK LORD
Women’s jumpsuit BLACK LORD 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
Women’s jumpsuit GREEN
Women’s jumpsuit GREEN 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
The Last!
Women’s jumpsuit MR.Muscle
Women’s jumpsuit MR.Muscle 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
Women’s jumpsuit NEON DEMON
Women’s jumpsuit NEON DEMON 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
Women’s jumpsuit SASHA GRAY
Women’s jumpsuit SASHA GRAY 7,900.00RUB 5,990.00RUB
Sale 24 %
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