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Are you sure you want to part with our wonderful overall?

Sad and unexpected, but quite solvable! Just make sure that all this time you have not worn our overalls, it has retained its marketable appearance and there are no signs of exploitation on it!

All you have to do is pay the delivery costs and follow a few simple steps

1. Write to us about your desire to return the overall to WhatsApp on the number +7 (926) 081-86-69 or Email

2. Print refund form, sign it and send it along with the overall to us:

  • IF YOU SEND BY MAIL - TO THE ADDRESS: 127137, Moscow, on demand, Рубцова Надежда Ивановна.
  • WHEN SENDING BY ANY OTHER COURIER SERVICE - TO THE ADDRESS: 127137, Moscow, Pravdy str., 24 p. 3, IP Vasilevich M.S.

3. Enter your phone number: +7 (926) 081-86-69.

As soon as we receive the package with the overall, check its integrity and compliance with the reasons for the return, we will immediately transfer the money to you. This procedure usually takes no more than 3 working days.

You get the money and we remain happy with each other, continue to be friends with families and make plans for the future together.

If you still have questions, please contact us at or call +7 (495) 108-73-03.

A note for returns promotions "1=2" from 22.04.2020 and "2+1" from 30.04.2020
Only both products are accepted for returns upon the receipt. Note on returns and exchanges
If you want to leave one product on the receipt, you must make a return on both products and place the order again. On an individual basis, if the purchase period does not exceed 14 days, managers can place a new order according to the rules of the promotion 1=2.
For the "2+1" promotion, only three products are accepted for refund by the receipt.

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