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Washing overalls

Washing overall

  • Before washing, lay out the overall, assess the presence of particularly dirty places. And where was it possible to get so dirty?
  • Especially carefully inspect the cuffs on the sleeves and on the legs, pockets, and places where the buttons are located .
  • Before loading into the machine, use a stain remover (make sure that there is no bleach in the composition!): apply it to especially dirty places according to the instructions and load the overall into the washing machine.
  • For washing membrane overalls, the liquid "Laska for the membrane" or any other product intended for washing membrane products is suitable - you can buy it in any major sports store.
  • Please note that the minimum volume of the washing machine, sufficient for high-quality washing of one overall, is 5 kg. We remember the first class of the school program: if you need to wash two overalls, then 5+5 =10! Correctly, the loading volume of the washing machine should be at least 10 kg .
  • Our overalls like to spin in the drum alone: do not add other things to the drum, so that the overall does not crumple and wash well!
  • Wash at a temperature of 30 degrees above zero. Normally, at a not too long mode, it is better to add "additional rinsing".
  • If, instead of snowmen, you have been making mud men all winter and the overall is completely dirty - OK, we allow you to wash it at 40 degrees. The main thing is that your washing liquid corresponds to the selected temperature regime (I didn't know that this should be taken into account? Don't thank me!)

Wringing of the overall

  • It is desirable to wring out the overall at 800 rpm, but you can also do it at 1000.
  • You cannot allow the overall to stay in the washing machine for a long time after washing - it is boring for him there.

Drying of the overall

  • It should be dried immediately.
  • After wringing out, put the overall on a horizontal dryer and turn on the heater-wind (or blow on it yourself). Warm wind should be directed to all the cuffs (pay special attention to this)
  • If there is no wind blowing and you are too lazy to blow yourself, you can simply dry the overall on a horizontal dryer in a ventilated room.
  • It is very important that the overall dries quickly.
  • You cannot dry the overall in direct sunlight.
  • You can't dry it in the dryer either.
  • You can't iron it again - it's so hot!
  • But you can carefully use a steam cleaner with a nozzle for Ironing.

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